Our Products

Please take a moment to review our products. We make the best equipment in the industry! Let Telkamp Transport Systems be your expert for all of your house and structure moving needs. We can help you with your own projects using our custom built line of structural moving equipment. Our thoroughness and attention to detail will make your move as stress-free as possible.

Contact us today. We would enjoy learning more about your particular needs and can provide you with an accurate estimate. No two projects are the same and we take pride working with every customer to customize their project.

If you do not see what you need, Contact Us Today – we love a challenge. That is why we say “Don’t Ask What We Can Do, Tell Us What You Want Done!”

Auto Steer Dolly


The Telkamp Transport Systems Auto Steer Dolly is the best automatically steerable dolly in the industry.These are designed so that with the use of one control set of dollies the others all will steer.These dollies can be use in House moving, Heavy equipment transport, and wherever steerable axle configurations are needed.

Texas Speeder Dolly


The Texas Speeder was designed for traveling with a load over a long distance at a low loaded height. If you frequently work on these types of moves then the Telkamp Texas Speeder is perfect for you!

Texas Speeder Steerable Dolly


Check out our new Texas Speeder Steerable, perfect for the most narrow structural moves! The famous Texas Speeder Steerable is also available with crab steering! Same dolly design with 10" air lift / air ride capability 16" axle oscillation. We have designed this dolly for those TIGHT corners. Its hydraulic proportional steering moves the axles for the tightest turns.

Gator Dolly


Your answer is here. The Telkamp Transport Systems Gator Dolly is the best low-profile, Steerable dolly on the market.When you need your house low to the ground, YOU GOTTA GET A GATOR!

Power Dolly


If you don't have a hydraulic pumping system, no problem. With the Telkamp Transport Systems Power Dolly, no expensive hydraulic pumping system is needed. 

Remote Steering Crab Dolly

The Telkamp Transport Systems Remote Steering Crab Dolly is available in many different configurations. Our Crab Dolly is both sturdy and economical


Hydraulic Bolsters


Our award winning hydraulic boosters will take the chore out of your most challenging move. Telkamp Systems Hydraulic Bolsters can move and lift with such ease that cracks on structures are minimal to nonexistent. You will be impressed with their speed, design, and performance. 

Remote Controlled Jacking System

The Telkamp Systems Remote Jacking System is a tool that even the most experienced structural movers can't live without. This fully remote controlled system as a 24 HP motor, 12 Jacks, and a 6000 psi jacking system with 3 zones.