Wireless Remote Control Power Packs

When you are thinking Power Packs, go with the experts.

We offer two diferent power packs, Standard and Mini.



Power Pack one-2-F
Power Pack one-F
Picture below is of a Standard Wireless Remote Control Power Pack


  • Four station

  • Double-acting

  • 14 Hp

  • 10 gallon reservoir

  • Electric start

  • Remote control start/stop on engine

  • Digital LCD pressure read out on remote

  • Smoother controls with better feel than any other manual you have ever run

Picture Below Is of a Mini Wireless Remote Control Power Pack



  • Pressures from 3000PSI to 10000PSI

  • As many Outlets as desired

  • Standard outlets range from 4-12

  • Manual or Wireless Control

  • Electric or Gas Powered

  • From 3.5hp to 350hp

Safety Features:

  • Stay away from noise.

  • Operator is able to be wherever he needs to be for best visibility of jacking