Remote Controlled Jacking System


The Telkamp Systems Remote Jacking System is a tool that even the most experienced structural movers can't live without.This fully remote system as a 24 HP motor, 12 Jacks, and a 6000 psi jacking system with 3 zones. The pressure reading of jacks are displayed on the remote! The operator can also turn the jacks or zones off and on with the flip of a toggle switch.These units are able to be more precise in metering. They are also easier to meter the jacks than needle valves.


The wireless control allows the operator to be away from the engine noise and able to be at any point around the project, providing many safety advantages.With the Telkamp Systems Remote Control Jacking System, you need less manpower on site at your project, thus saving you money.Are you ready for the 21st century jack system?



  • 25 HP motor

  • 12 Jacks

  • 6000 total PSI

  • 3 zones

  • Wireless remote control

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