Specialty Products


At Telkamp Transportation Systems we realize that sometimes to do a job right, you have to create your own set of tools to do it. This is usually the case when moving specialty jobs and structures. Our dedicated engineers can design and build anything you need for your building or structure to completely customize your project We have a variety of specialty truck and moving equipment, including Bolsters, Pumping Units, Transport Trailers and much more.

Transport Trailers

Our Telkamp Transport Trailers are for movement of chimney liners at coal fired power plants. They have a 48" lift.


Hydraulic Pumping Unit

This Self Contained Hydraulic Pumping Unit is one of our most powerful tools at Telkamp Systems.


For a hydraulic machine to function, it requires hydraulic fluid to be pumped to a high-pressure level, and then moved throughout the machine by different actuators.


The Telkamp Systems Self Contained Hydraulic Pumping Unit successfully delivers high-pressure hydraulic fluid throughout the lifting mechanism via our hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders.

The fluid is controlled directly or automatically by hydraulic valves and distributed through hoses and tubes. This is simply one of the best Hydraulic Pumping Units you can buy for structure moving.

Wireless Remote Chimney Liners


This type of specialty moving equipment is used in new style coal fired power plants for emission control systems. Our Wireless Remote Chimney Liners are self propelled with full steering, and have the capability to turn in circles within its own size.