Texas Speeder

The Texas Speeder was designed for traveling with a load over a long distance at a low loaded height. If you frequently work on these types of moves then the Telkamp Texas Speeder is perfect for you!The Air ride system allows for the a very smooth ride of the load, and less damage to the structure. No expensive pumps are needed to operate. It works off of the air system of the truck. The dolly hooks directly to the trailer brake system of the Pull Truck. Two truck mounted toggle switches provide lifting and lowering on the go from the pull truck. All axles are standard with brakes.The bunk height is only 20" high. The dolly has a 10" vertical lift giving the option to lift over obstacles on the road and maneuver on uneven terrain. It has an unmatched axle oscillation of 16" allowing movement over curbs, or blocking with ease while maintaining even axle pressure.



  • 20" loaded height

  • 10" of vertical lift

  • 16" axle oscillation

  • No need for expensive hydraulic systems

  • Complete air ride system, enabling smooth rides at high speeds